[Saigon Pearl] Shopping information

Hello everyone!
Today we continue sharing information about Saigon Pearl.
The story of the buildings quickly built by Vinhomes has gradually faded. Instead of, Saigon Pearl is remembered as an ideal and convenient place to live.
Today we would like to introduce the shopping information in Saigon Pearl.
The first is ☟

This supermarket had a very nice name is Central Mart at the beginning, do not know when it was changed to Genshai ^^

Coming to the entrance is cashier counter.
The above photo slightly hidden view, you will see the temptation zone of children, including the toy store on the left side.

After passing through the counter, you can see a sake zone on the right side…
Drugstore is next to the sake zone.

At this supermarket, from food to daily necessities are available.
However, fresh food is a bit less.
The prices here are a bit expensive but there’re full of spices, confectionery or the same price of 100 yen.
Besides that, coffee or tea as a souvenir is also very copious.
I full filled the cart in an instant…
Too bad! I’ve bought a lot of things cannot carry anymore ー! ◉⌓◉’) Σ(‘」
But that’s fine!
There’s a free delivery service for Saigon Pearl residents
And this is a butcher shop.

This shop will be implement not enough quantity of meat of the supermarket!
And this is a convenience store opened in 24 hours at the basement.

Fresh eggs are available here…
Here also have imported foods which could not be bought at the supermarket in upstairs which mentioned above.
The free delivery service for Saigon Pearl residents is also offered here.
I’m already familiar with this delivery culture and feel very grateful when going back to Japan in the summer.

Above is the shopping information in Saigon Pearl!

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