With the wave of technology 4.0, every phase has been changed in order not to be lagged in the competition of Tech companies in the real estate industry. Vietnamese companies are investing in technology in real estate to bring a change in their life cycle.

Technology 4.0 is creating a breakthrough such as intelligent apartment, smart project, smart city …

With the arrival of technology 4.0, thanks to the face recognition that residents living in urban no longer use magnetic or fingerprint cards to pass through security gates. Any stranger entering the security zone of the city will be notified and reported to the security department. For the building management, the operation of the urban area is also easier to ensure safety and efficiency. That’s just one of the many benefits that 4.0 residents will enjoy in digital urban areas.

Not long ago, in Hanoi a project of Sunshine Group has created a big attraction thanks to the application of virtual reality technology to help customers to be observed directly the apartment that they are going to buy in advance. Accordingly, with the sharp 3D Interactive technology, customers can see their apartment in the future, interior of the rooms and especially the surroundings view with virtual space, so the barrier to purchase the property with pre-built is now removed.

In many commercial centers, smart robots have appeared in stores replacing people gradually. Also, the spread of electronic wallets has progressed, and opportunities for consumers to use cash are decreasing gradually accordingly.

In urban areas, many investors have devoted their efforts to apply technology in project management and development. However, due to financial resources are not strong enough so the reality is many technologies are still scattered, the ties of each service are thin, and there are not many major changes occured.

In the era of technological innovation, many young people are using technologies becoming indispensable in daily life, starting start-ups. It’s looked forward to future growth.


[ About Ambition Vietnam Service ]
Ambition Vietnam is based in Vietnam, and Provide real estate and investment solutions for ASEAN market.

Residon is a platform for owners and people looking for houses or apartments for lease or sale.

Offidon is a platform for office owners and companies looking for office for lease.

With experience and knowledge of real estate in Asian market as well as the ambition to reach a brand-new, fair and convenient market in Vietnam, Ambition Vietnam has developed an application for information posting and searching of offices for lease solely designed for office buildings and businesses operating in Vietnam.


Only with the rental fee you can accomplish your favorite interior design.

[The Check-in Process]

1.Select the project you desire. > 2.Hear to the interior design of your requirements. > 3.Sign the contract. > 4.Move in.

[Points to Note]

Q. How could we meet your concern?
A. Ambition VN provides full range of interior design, leasing, property management and sales of residential projects.
Q. Is the rental fee expensive?
A. At standard market rate in real estate industry. The rental fee is not including the interior design fee and construction fee.

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