According to CBRE Vietnam, in Saigon, there are only 392 luxury apartments priced at $ 3,500-7,000 per square meter are concentrated in the central core of District 1, accounting for less than 0.3% of the total apartment supply (nearly 160,000 units).

After nearly a decade of deep recession and recovery status of real estate market, the concept of luxury apartments in HCMC has changed a little.

Accordingly, the luxury apartment is mainly assessed by the favorable location, beautiful view, flexible design, construction quality and outstanding utility. The biggest difference compared to before is the house area is gradually decreasing, not necessarily more than 100 m2 as the heyday of the real estate market (2007), it makes the total product of each project can be doubled or tripled compared to the past.

The limitation of smaller area and more supply luxury apartments is the compression in the urban center will be larger, putting great pressure on the infrastructure and questioning the absorption capacity. However, the advantage is that it contributes to bring the total value of the product down to a more accessible level although the unit price per square meter may be higher.

This is a trend that many countries with real estate market developed around the world are looking forward to. This shows the dynamism and high adaptability of HCMC real estate market.

Source: cbrevietnam.com

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