[District 2] Shopping information

I’ve moved to Viet Nam!! (*´◒`*)

Absolutely do not know anything!

But from today I have to prepare meals for myself!

Where to buy cooking materials that a housewife is most interested in @District 2.

When eating out, here are cheaper places than Japan, so there is a tendency to eat outside. But actually I want to cook Japanese food at home.

When talking about where the District 2 housewives often go shopping, one could consider the organic food shops.

Among them is Annam Grocery Store, located at Takashimaya in District 1, and a store at District 7.
which offers a variety of vegetables, dairy foods, canned goods, imported cooking ingredients, liquor, clothing etc..

There is also another organic supermarket, called Naman.

It is next to Starbucks on the main street. You could find a variety of groceries on sale here.

Recently, a new fish market opens and its much talked about among housewives…Store name. . . I do not know. . . I just know it is a fish market ^^.

This outlet display cleaned fishes beautifully on a layer of rock.

In the normal supermarket, fishes are often boned, but the fish here are cleaned and so it brings me the feel good sense of safety and clean fish supply.

Recently, the meat shop that everyone often go closed so buying meat in District 2 becomes more difficult.

So many people are buying meat with delivery service from a store in District 1 managed by a Japanese.

But the three supermarket I introduced above are slightly more expensive than the big local supermarkets, so I buy groceries and spices at these big supermarkets (*’◒`* ).

Big C (beside Estella apartment and basement of Thao Dien Pearl).

Vin Mart (at basement of Vincom Mega Mall, in front of Masteri Thao Dien).

Because the food in Vietnam are a lot so there’re many options of supermarkets. Vinmart is also an interesting supermarket.

Get surprised with unexpected findings during your shopping trip…

Enjoy shopping with the mood exploring everyday!

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