“Renting a condominiums or a serviced apartment” is a question that many people, especially foreigners, are looking for a long-term living experience in Vietnam. Currently, due to the prosperous real estate market in Vietnam, many high-end condominiums projects come into being, leading to the formation of serviced apartments.

With the utilities and differences that each type brings, people are always confused between the two options. To better understand your needs and be careful about your options for cost savings, please refer to the survey below.

  1. Location:

The Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien Metro route under construction and expansion to the Eastern gate from the City Center through the Saigon Bridge is one of the reasons for attracting construction investment of high-end condominium buildings. The outstanding projects has been completed such as The Vista, Thao Dien Pearl, Masteri Thao Dien, high-end project Nassim, Gateway, Cantavil Premier … are rapidly changing the face of the urban area along the route. Separated from the noisy dusty downtown about 10-15 minutes to drive, the quiet fresh living space in District 2 or Binh Thanh is the most chosen place of the rich people, or foreigners who are living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. District 4, District 7 or District 9 are also heated spots with a series of high-end condominiums projects.

Serviced apartment is scattered all over the city, from the bustling central areas like District 1, District 10 and District 3, to other neighboring districts such as Binh Thanh, District 2 and District 7 …Tenants can easily find and choose one apartment in their needs from studio apartments to one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments. Although the apartments in these places may be smaller and more uncomfortable than condominiums, some high-end serviced apartments such as the Lancaster, Lafayette De Saigon, Hi Residence… can still provide tenants with large space, high-brand interior, amenities and security.

  1.  Amenity

The condominiums now have full amenities such as swimming pool, supermarket, gym, sauna, sanitation, beauty, playground area for children and garden…. In addition there are also large yards for parking lots. The overall building security is tightened 24/7. In some complexes, investors even built International Schools for children of their residents.

In contrast to high-end condominiums, serviced apartments are located in the city center so the area is not much. Most of serviced apartments only provide weekly cleaning services, linen change, cable TV, the internet…. Some serviced apartments can provide gym or swimming pool as well, but ​​these utilities are very small. Most of common serviced apartments are secured. There are also serviced apartments that can satisfy the tenants with high-ranked unilities and services even more than condominiums. However, the rent of these luxury condominiums is quite higher than other serviced apartments. For example: Sila Urban Living, Somerset Serviced Residence, the Lancaster, Indochine Park Tower.

  1. Budget

The average rent for high-end condominiums for one-bedroom to three-bedroom fully furnished ranges from $650 to $3000. For the majority of foreigners as well as overseas Vietnamese, the way of life in the condominiums is more familiar to them, meeting many criteria and quality of life they are used to when abroad. Consequently, condominiums are chosen and consumed more.

In general, the rents of serviced apartments will be lower than the cost of condominiums because of the difference in living space and facilities. However, most of the single foreigners working in Vietnam prefer to rent serviced apartments in the city center because there are so many services, entertainment, as well as restaurants to let them learn and Discover about Vietnam. The serviced apartment is fully furnished for rent from $450 to $950. However, high-end serviced apartments ordinarily cost from $1000 to $4500.


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Only with the rental fee you can accomplish your favorite interior design.

[The Check-in Process]

1.Select the project you desire. > 2.Hear to the interior design of your requirements. > 3.Sign the contract. > 4.Move in.

[Points to Note]

Q. How could we meet your concern?
A. Ambition VN provides full range of interior design, leasing, property management and sales of residential projects.
Q. Is the rental fee expensive?
A. At standard market rate in real estate industry. The rental fee is not including the interior design fee and construction fee.

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